Living Stones –
Living Stones was started by Mark and Cathy Warwick as part of their journey of faith – in response to God’s call on their lives to establish a house of prayer in Poland.
Living Stones is not associated with any particular church or denomination. It is open to everyone who loves Jesus and has made Him their personal Lord and Saviour, whether Catholic, Protestant or non-denominational.
We also see ourselves as part of something much bigger that God is doing in the worldwide Body of Christ today (The Call).
The vision we have on our hearts is to establish a house of prayer in the vicinity of Oświęcim – the Polish city by KL Auschwitz. We believe this is the Father’s desire, but it is just one part of something much bigger that God is doing.
We recognise that people have been praying in Oświęcim and Auschwitz for many years, following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
The ovens in Auschwitz were burning day and night. The smoke and the smell of death were everywhere. Now, in contrast, God wants the fire of His Spirit to burn day and night – a rhythm of worship and prayer – eventually reaching 24/7 – a fragrant aroma to the Lord that will bring heaven to earth and release the Presence of God.
markandcathy Mark and Cathy Warwick