Dance Ministry

Worship in dance is a very important part of Living Word Ministries and is closely aligned with Praise and Worship to the LORD.   Like the Music Team, the primary purpose of our Dance Ministry is twofold: First, to praise and worship the Lord through the dance and, second, to lead and teach the congregation to worship the LORD through the dance. We encourage every member of the congregation to fully participate in the dance while praising the Lord, opening their hearts and letting the Holy Spirit teach them the love of Yeshua. Also like the Music Team, we use the Word of God to guide us and depend on the Holy Spirit to provide direction.

Research shows that the Church in the first century, after the Ascension of Yeshua into heaven, danced Hebraic folk dances in worship to our Savior.  We strive to do the same.
Dance in Hebrew is “RAQHAD” which means too stamp, to spring about joyfully, jump, leap, or skip. In the Bible dance is first mentioned in the book of Exodus, when Miriam the prophetess, took a timbrel in hand and danced with the women of Israel at the shores of the Red Sea.  Since that time, dance has always served as a means of celebration in worship, military victories, festivals, harvests, joy or wedding ceremonials.   We endeavor to dance worshipfully as unto the LORD.   We do not dance to “be seen of men” and will not allow anyone else to do this.

The Holy Spirit today is restoring the arts to the church worldwide. As part of this movement, Living Word’s dance team, Rachad, is bringing Praise and Worship to Him through Hebraic Folk Dances. It enhances our praise and worship and helps lead the congregation into His presence.