Music Ministry

Praise and worship is a very important part of Living Word Ministries. We believe it is vital to all those who follow Yeshua. The primary purpose of our Praise Team is twofold: First, to praise and worship the LORD and, second, to lead the congregation in Praise and worship-to enter into the presence of the LORD. We encourage every member of the congregation to fully participate in offering praise to the LORD, opening their hearts and letting the Holy Spirit teach them the love of Yeshua. We use the Word of God to guide us in our manner of worship and depend on the Holy Spirit to provide direction.

We are forthright and expressive, but differentiate between the sound of praise and the noise of people. We worship as a choir in chorus, not as a solo in competition. We worship in spirit with liberty, but in concert under leadership. It is safe to praise aloud with us, for we will partner together in worship in the beauty of holiness, and we will preempt both prideful formalism and personal fanaticism.

The Praise Team Leader works diligently to ensure that the music focuses on lifting up the person of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and worshiping Him alone. In addition, as an enabler and teacher, the Praise Team leader helps the body of Christ to both understand and participate in Spirit-led, Biblically based worship and incorporates praise music into evangelism and outreach, bringing people to Christ and edifying, and comforting the body.