Youth Ministry

Living Word Ministries strives to bring youth together into a loving, caring and trusting community-a place where they can be comfortable, have a good time and learn to make wise choices. This is a fellowship in which both social and spiritual needs are met as young people commit themselves, not only to God, but also to one another.

Our vision is to develop a youth group in which there is spontaneous, creative, deliberate and sincere worship of God. In addition, we seek an atmosphere motivated by a love commitment to Yeshua, Jesus Christ, and recognition of His worthiness.

As it is with the adults, study of God’s word is a priority for both our children and our youth. We teach the Word to produce life changes so young believers will grow in Christ. As children approach their teen years, this discipleship process also includes training of youth gifted with leadership qualities, preparing them for ministry in the group and for later life. We try to motivate them toward a deep concern for non-Christians and engage them in events where they have an opportunity to share Christ. Evangelism should not be a programmed sideline, but a regular factor in their interaction with unsaved friends and acquaintances.